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Almaden Pet Salon

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6055 Meridian Ave #120, San Jose, CA, United States, 95120


Opening Hours

Mon - Sat

7:30 am - 5:00 pm

The Almaden Pet Salon Difference 

Best Service

At Almaden Pet Salon , we understand that your pet is much more than just a pet. They are a beloved family member, deserving of the best possible care. With this in mind, we take an all-inclusive approach to your pet's needs.

Best Products

At Almaden Pet Salon, we strive for excellence and provide our customers with the highest quality grooming services and products. We offer a wide selection of shampoos, conditioners, and other products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. 

Best Pricing

We are committed to delivering straightforward  pricing to all of our customers. We believe that customers should not have to worry about hidden fees or additional charges. That's why our pricing is easy to understand. We provide clear information about the costs associated with our services  so that our customers can make informed decisions about their purchases.

Client Testimonials

What Our Customers Think

I absolutely love the Almaden Pet Salon! I had an appointment first for my dog Cara and they did such a wonderful job that I brought Mackey here today. Both of my dogs were groomed exactly how I wanted with a summertime haircut. The thing I really liked was that they have next day appointments with drop off times between 7:30 AM and 9 AM. In a few hours your pet is finished! Both of my dogs got the works: bath, haircut, nail, trim, and blow dry. My younger dog, Mackey, needed his glands expressed, and they mentioned that they really had to work on that because his glands were so full! Yuck! Lol They went above and beyond my expectations for sure! Previously, I was going to Petco. It was always hard to get an appointment there along with cancellations at the last minute. Almaden Pet Salon is a lot more user-friendly. Everyone there is super nice and it's a great environment for my dogs. I am so happy that I found this place! Highly recommend!

Linda Y.

San Jose, CA

Called  Almaden Pet Salon about getting my dogs ears cleaned, brought him right in and they took care of it on the spot. All the other animals that were being serviced were well treated and properly cared for! They even took time to talk to me about the general care and welfare of Herman. Very happy with their service and highly recommend!

  • We've been taking our pets to Almaden Pet Salon every since I was a little girl so for a VERY long time LOL - Always have GREAT service, my dogs always come out looking great!  Any special instructions given are always followed but I mostly stay in my lane and let them do their jobs which has NEVER failed me - I will always recommend people take their fur babies here!

Kari S.

San Jose, CA

What Almaden Pet Salon Offers

Walk In Services

 * Nail Trim & File

*Anal Gland Express

*Ears Cleaned/Pluck

Bath Services

Grooming Services

  • Full service bath & condition

  • Blueberry facial

  • Blowout & brush

  • Nail trim & file

  • Ear cleaning & Plucking

  • Anal gland expression (upon request)

  • Full service haircut

  • Full service bath & condition

  • Blueberry facial

  • Blowout & brush

  • Nail trim & file

  • Ear cleaning & Plucking

  • Anal gland expression (upon request)

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